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How to write the perfect card

Choosing materials Do you want to start with a blank card/paper, or will you buy a printed card with your greeting? Think about what the card itself signals and how it fits a potential gift given at the same time. Keep in mind that the paper quality is of importance in how the card will…

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Jamil is working with the Epoca machine

62 years and almost new to Ballograf- only eight years have passed since Jamil Goria started at the factory. Many of his colleagues have worked here much longer. Jamil is Ballograf’s very own romantic. While he maintains the Epoca machine and refill parts for the pens, he is more than happy to talk about life…

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Three tips for choosing the right pen

There are many pens to choose from, right? When trying to fint a pen you are presented with a lot of pens in different price range, colors and quality. At Ballograf we believe we have a lot to share with you about pens, therefore we have some tips on the way for those who might…

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